Marsala Golden Decanter 23.7 oz



Vol. weight: 23.7 oz / 700 ml
Weight: 35.3 oz / 1000 g
Color: golden
Longest side: 9.4 in / 24 cm
For decades, many saw whiskey decanters as a status symbol. This amazing Marsala whisky decanter, with intricate grape leaf etchings and a unique design, this decanter is sure to impress any whisky connoisseur. The timeless classic shape allows oxygen to interact with the whiskey — but not to the same degree that a wine decanter will. The straight silhouette of the decanter makes it the perfect statement piece for any party or special occasion. Whether you're a collector of fine glassware or enjoy a good bottle of whisky, the Marsala collection's lead crystal decanter is the perfect accessory to showcase your vintage in style.