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The Legend Of Ajka Crystal

Ajka Crystal has been one of the most prestigious workshops in the European glass industry since its founding in 1878.

The manufactory’s glass artists passed down from generation to generation many thousands of designs and manufacturing technologies that faithfully reflected the special knowledge of the masters. The designs have been created by internationally renowned prestigious designers that still color the offerings of the most prominent brands to date.

This product variety rightly represents the pinnacle of glass production and has established Ajka’s unique position in the international luxury glass market. The Ajka master artisan’s specialty is the creation of the genuine cased colour cut to clear 24% lead crystal products.

Also popular are Ajka's high-quality colorless lead crystal products - decorative works, Pate de verre sculptures,tableware, glasses and everything that has been provided by the glass industry for more than a century to the most demanding consumers of this industry.

The Ajka production itself is unique, handmade glass art, unsurpassed quality and timeless beauty.

Csoportkep a csiszolokrol (1912)

Group picture of the cutters 1912

Bernát Neuman, the founder of the Ajka glass factory
A copy of the Hungarian Royal Crown, circa 1896
Goblet from around 1896. Blown, polished, gilded stained glass

Ajka is present directly or through its customers in all parts of the world where you will find the most demanding luxury homes including:

Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Bahamas, Netherlands, Israel, Qatar, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United States, etc.